Wednesday, 28 May 2014

a tuesday project


im soooo happy this week..
because of so many holiday in this week..
the holiday are only tuesday and thursday, but add those with saturday and sunday..
soo practically, we only have 3 day to work.. which are monday, wednesday and friday

since yesterday is a holiday, i got an idea to make a project
this project will be the same as people call it "weekend project" or whatsoever you called it..
but since yesterday was tuesday soo i name it "a tuesday project" hahaa

after a long long time laying in the bed, from dawn til night :p..
just watched some movies and end up with a backpain.. LOL
so, before times trapped me into an old lazy lady...
i've got an idea..i have to make my life meaningful..
so i looked back.. and realized that i have a dream..
a dream that has burried in mind since i go to college..
a dream to be a designer..

then i realized.. i can draw, make some sketch.. but i can't sew..hahhaa
how can i sew when im not even have a sewing machine???
ah, the sewing machine is pricey :(
so before i have one of them.. i have to use a traditional method.. sewing by hands..

awesomeeee.... :)

so then, i decided to  make a some craft..

well, this is a simple craft which i can apply it in the blouse or dress..

so, i looked my sewing thing box, cutting some fabrics from a used dress (which changed to be a blouse :p) and i made some cutienest craft (for me :p)

here goes the step :

cut the fabrics into a round shape.. i used a glass as a block, like this

stich together the fabrics from its edge.. then pull the threads so the fabrics become a round flower,
like this

next, make another flower shape.. i made it 4 shape..
after that, stich togerther the flower shape with another flower shape (i made the others bigger)
add button.. then stich them into a blouse..
like this

yeay ^_^

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