Wednesday, 30 March 2011

what i read this week

since i become a member in my office library, i've a cherished desire to read a lot of book
actually, im a not shy to confess that im a  bookworms, but in fact that the buziness affected me to
spend most of my spare time not to reading but laying in bed, and go to sleep early, i haven't read a book
for about a hundred year (hahaha..)

nope..yeaah.. in contrary that i can read for about a book a day in my college time
today, i just can finish a book a month!
it's not because i choosen a wrong book to read but caused by im too lazy to keep
opened my eyes to read..

sadly, a book that i can finished faster is comic...ahahaha

back to the topics, im starting my hobbies to read agaaain..yippieeee

last week i already read :
 "cinta 24 jam by andrei aksana", 

"The Tale of Despereaux, a fantasy book written by Kate DiCamillo"

"GONE, a last trilogy written by Lisa Mcmann"

"kamu sekuat aku, a true story written by ashni sastrosubroto" --> truly inspiring..

and todaay.. i already read "i feel bad about my neck written by Nora Ephron"
You’ll blow through the whole book in an hour and a half and giggle, loudly and with glee. truly nice, since i borrow this book from my office library.. gonna buy one for me later :)

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