Tuesday, 1 March 2011

evening prewed idea's

i love this evening..
with a warm but cloudy weather..
wearing my blue cardigans..
having cookies (WRP!) with a cup of warm tarrik teaa
it must be cheering momments..
joyfull tough..

after a browsing (from labellebride(my fave web for wedding thing))

i'm totally inspired by those

 i love the view taken from a frame...sweeet

 i really love the concepts... coz they brings some books... i love reading a loooot

 im gonna wear my yellow cardigan then..its cute right?

 probably gonna ask conny to get a photoshoot at dufan... hahahaa

 so much inspired by in front, right, left, and back angle..im gonna make it connnyyyyyyyy

especially i love the girl (cos' she's chubby (like me!) :D)

candid in the middle of trees..so gorgeus...

cant hardly wait to get mine... :))

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