Wednesday, 16 February 2011

i heart hongkong cafe

saya sukaa makan di hongkong cafe..nyamnyamnyammm
pertama kesini ama hennoy, puji, rani..
dan berulaaang..asiiik..
oiaa, pernah juga ksini ama mpok doi blun share picture..hihihi

i just really love the design of this cafe..
and i found the designer behind their fabulous mural
check this from

Hongkong cafe

Again, thank you Angela Ferany for the opportunity. And especially, thank you for believing in me, more than i do myself :)

I was thrilled when being asked to do the mural designs for
Hongkong Cafe.
A big project involving seven big walls inside the restaurant, and an art-loving owner, those were enough to increase the "can-i-really-do-this" feeling deep inside *yes, damn you insecurities* :p

The outlet in Jalan Sunda
The previously very-nice-mural (and i had to do better than this >.<)
Sketches, layouts, references, colour guides, grids, all in approximately 2 months work

And finally, we started to paint the walls! Big thanks for mas Doy and team, they're the ones who transferred the designs onto the walls and i just do some supervision heheheh :p (We're lucky to have mas Doy on the team because he worked superfast, much more faster than i usually do when painting walls >.<, and plus i don't have the guts to climb and paint the main dining wall hahahah)
Aaannnddd after approximately 2 weeks of execution..... *drumroll*
this is it :)
Main-dining wall design
Non-smoking area design

Smoking area wall design
Corridor wall design
Private room wall design
First floor wall design

And these are the life-sized results :
Main dining
Smoking and non-smoking area
Private room
View from the outside
 woohoo mbak cecil..i really love the murals... lup lup lup
oiaa..the food.. yg paling aku rekomendasiin sih fish fillet mushroom sauce baked spaghetty (IDR 32.5)
i really love that!
minumnya jgn lupa hongkong milk tea (IDR 12)
total makan disini yaa 60rb-an...
 rata2 tmn2ku pada suka hongkong special baked rice/spaghetty

oiaa disana juga ada DELIKA pattiserie..with a lot of maccarooon
nyaaaam nyaaam 


  1. mmmm...yummmieee......
    makanan-makanan sama beverages yg udah pernah dicoba enak banget...

    tempatnya cozy...
    two thumbs up for the murals..keren abisss...

  2. Yup,, betul Vit,,,
    Hemmmm,, yummy yummy,, great taste,, great place so cozy,,, enak buat ngumpul bareng,,,
    Yuukk kesana lageee

  3. veettaaa....... nice blog... ckckck... :D satuju... pokona mah baked rice-nya yummy... thankyou prenss... ^_^ ekh... iyah gambar marmutmu sama yaa... emang marmut itu imut soalnya... hihihi...

  4. yayyy..lovve teh HK much ^^
    want the baked spaghetty over n over,nyuummiieee :)

  5. iyaaaa...mari kita ksana lg galsss


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